Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year's Brunch

I wanted something light and fresh for the New Year's Brunch. Originally, I had planned on flipping the New Year's Eve tablescape by switching the tablecloth to green and keeping the creamware dishes. But as I was setting it up, I thought the antique green glassware would be more appropriate.
The Paperwhites smelled heavenly.

I chose napkins that matched the tablecloth so they wouldn't detract from the beautiful textures and subtle colors of the flowers and dishes.
I especially liked that the champagne glasses' stems mirrored  the stems of the paperwhites.

The fern added such a magical quality. I could almost imagine little snow fairies hiding amongst the leaves.
The flowers mimicked falling snowflakes and gave promise of the coming new year's spring.
I loved the way the light played on the antique dishes.
Ambrosia, my grandmother's recipe, looked like snow.

The entree' included spiral honey ham with a cold salad of snap peas, purple fingerling potatoes and mint. Orange apricot marmalade complemented the biscuits. Orange slices were used for garnish.

Beverages included Sparkling Cider, Orange Juice, and Winterberry Tea.

Lemon Madeleines were served for dessert, garnished with cream and mint sprigs. A little garnish finishes a dish and makes it look complete on the plate.

Happy New Year's Day! I hope your 2011 is filled with health and happiness.


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